How to Personalize My Yahoo Homepage

By Sarah Morse

See snippets from your favorite news sources all in one place on your My Yahoo page.
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When you first access your My Yahoo homepage, the website takes you through a series of steps to personalize the area. That initial process, however, does not determine the way your page has to look forever. You can continue to personalize it as your interests evolve or if you get tired of how it looks. Add weather, activities, your favorite news sources, and decorate it as you like to make it a landing page that actually means something to you rather than a page with elements that a company thinks you will like.

Step 1

Navigate to your My Yahoo page, and sign in with your username and password.

Step 2

Click "Themes" under the Yahoo search bar and choose a color or theme from the list. If you prefer, you can fully customize the colors of your page by choosing "Customize Theme." Switch around the layout by choosing "Change Layout." As you choose different options, your page will change instantly.

Step 3

Scan through the content on your page, and decide which blocks you want to keep and which you want to delete. For those you decide to delete, click "Options" and choose "Remove" from the list.

Step 4

Click "Content" to find more information blocks, and press "Add" for those items you wish to have on your page. You can browse through the content by category or search for something specific using the search box provided.

Step 5

Double-click on the headings of the content boxes you want to move, and drag and drop them into a new location. The boxes will automatically change size to conform to the width of the column if necessary.