How to Get a Free Personal Voice Mail Number

By Chris Caruso

Get a free voice mail number.
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Voice mail is an automated system for answering and storing telephone messages. Most cell phone plans automatically come with basic voice mail and many land-line phones have built-in digital answering machines. Fortunately, people who don't have a steady phone line or who want multiple voice mail numbers have various free options to choose from.

Select the best free service to suit your needs (see Resources). Many of the services listed include such features as converting your voice messages to an email, which is then sent directly to your in-box. Users also looking to receive free faxes can do so with the k7 service. Users who do not have a computer or are not online often should use Laser Voicemail, as it simply requires you to call 206-376-1000 to activate and check your voice mail.

Set up your free account with the service that best suits your need. Set up for all services works in a similarly intuitive way except for Laser Voicemail (see Step 1).

Write down your personal number and voice mail PIN. This is the number that people will call to leave you a message. To check your voice mail or change your settings, follow the simple directions provided when you've finished setting up your account.

Customize your personal greeting. All the options listed allow users to customize their greeting or choose an automated greeting. Call your personal voice mail box and enter your PIN. Follow the directions to record your greeting.

Give out your new personal voice mail number to your family, friends and colleagues.