How to Permanently Turn On Private Browsing

by Kefa Olang

By default, your Web browser keeps track of the pages you visit, videos you want and images you view. The information is stored on your computer's server, where you can access it again quickly anytime you want. If you do not want other computer users to view your browsing history, you can enable the private browsing mode permanently. The private browsing mode does not keep a record of your browsing history, so you can surf the Web anonymously.

Firefox Users

Click the "Firefox" menu in your browser and click "Preferences" to launch your browser's preferences.

Click the "Privacy" tab, and then select the "Use custom settings for history" option in the "Firefox will" drop-down box.

Select the "Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session" option, and then close the preferences window. Firefox launches in private browsing mode each time you launch your browser.

Internet Explorer Users

Right-click any part of your desktop, select "New" and then click "Shortcut" to create a new shortcut.

Type the following command as it appears, and then click "Next": "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore" -private

Name the shortcut "Internet Explorer (Private)" (without quotes) and click "Finish." Launch Internet Explorer in private browsing mode each time by double-clicking this shortcut.

About the Author

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