How to Permanently Delete The Internet Browsing History On a PC

by Melissa King
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When you browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity, including the websites you've visited. The Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers offer a way to delete your browsing history to prevent others from seeing it. You can also further protect your privacy by erasing saved passwords, deleting cookies and removing your download history.


Step 1

Launch the Firefox browser, and click "Tools" and "Options."

Step 2

Click the "Privacy" tab, then click "Clear your recent history."

Select a time range to clear, then select the items you want to delete. Click "Clear Now."

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Launch Internet Explorer and click the "Tools" icon at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 2

Click "Internet Options" in the drop-down menu, then click "Delete" under Browsing History.

Select the items you want to delete from your history, then click "Delete."

Google Chrome

Step 1

Open Google Chrome, and click on the wrench icon in the browser toolbar.

Step 2

Click "Tools," then select "Clear browsing data" and "Clear browsing history."

Step 3

Select a time period for history deletion. For example, select "Beginning of time" to delete all of your history.

Click on "Clear browsing data" to erase your history.


  • You cannot retrieve your history once you delete it.


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