How to Permanently Block a Cell Phone Number

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Permanently Block a Cell Phone Number

Blocking a cell phone number is essential for retaining privacy from certain groups, who tend to incessantly call back if they have your number. Blocking a number permanently is surprisingly easy also, and still allows you to let your umber be seen if you need it to be.

Firstly, turn on your phone and unlock it if you keep it locked. Next call your network provider. They can usually be reached by dialing 611 in the United States.

When you get through, ask for a line block which will permanently block your number when making all outgoing calls. Just remember that when you call people and they don't answer they won't know it's you, necessarily. Also, some people tend not to answer at all to unknown numbers in case they are telemarketers, etc.

When calling someone who you want to see your number, be sure to dial *82 before the number. This will make your number show up as normal, but only for the single number that you are dialing afterward.


If you want to temporarily hide your number, then dial 67 before dialing the number. This will hide your number for the single call only.


Emergency services and the like will always see your number, you can only withhold your number from regular receiving numbers.