How to Perform a Self-Test on a HP Plotter 450

By Jason Artman

The HP Designjet 450 is a type of wide-format printer called a "plotter." If you are setting up a Designjet 450 for the first time, you may want to perform a test on the printer to confirm that it functions properly. The Designjet 450 has several types of internal self-test pages that it can print. You can trigger each of these test pages by pushing a different combination of buttons on the printer control panel, and each test page has its own purpose.

Push the "Setup" button on the control panel of the Designjet 450 to print a set-up page. This page shows all of your current settings for the printer at a glance, such as the language and the communication speed, or baud rate.

Push the "Setup" and "Cancel" buttons concurrently to print a demonstration page. This page illustrates some of the features of the Designjet 450 and confirms that it is working properly.

Push the "Setup" and "Form Feed" buttons concurrently to print an alignment page for the black ink only. After printing this sheet, indicate on the sheet which set of lines is aligned properly, and then feed the sheet back through the printer.

Push the "Reprint" and "Cancel" buttons concurrently to print an alignment page for all ink colors. This process is similar to the process of checking the alignment of the black cartridge, but you have to do the same for all colors. Additionally, you will have to check for blank spots in a test pattern.

Push the "Print Quality" and "Media Type" buttons concurrently to print a service configuration page. If you ever need to contact HP technical support about a problem with the printer, the service representative may ask you to print this page and read the results.

Push the "Form Feed" and "Media Source" buttons concurrently to print a print quality page. This page includes several test patterns intended to confirm that all of the basic functions of the printer work as they should. Because of the amount of ink that this page uses, you should generally only print it when asked by a technical support representative.

Push the "Form Feed" and "Reprint" buttons concurrently to print a calibration page. You may need to use this page after replacing an ink cartridge or in the process of identifying a problem with the Designjet 450.