How Do People Repost on Craigslist Automatically?

by Alan Sembera
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Craigslist provides two ways for you to repost your ads without going through the tedious process of reentering the text and images each time. The first feature is ad renewal, which allows you to repost the same ad every 48 hours so that it pops to the top of your category listing. You can renew an ad even if you don't have a Craigslist account. The second feature, which requires an account, allows you to repost an ad after it expires without having to recreate it.

Renew Without Account

Step 1

Wait at least 48 hours since you posted your ad.

Step 2

Click the link inside the email Craigslist sent when you first posted the ad.

Step 3

Click "Renew This Posting" on the Web page that opens when you click the link. Craigslist reposts your ad at the top of your category listing.

Wait another 48 hours before renewing the ad again. You can renew the ad as many times as you like until the ad expires. Renewing does not extend an ad's expiration date.

Renew or Repost With Account

Step 1

Navigate to the Craigslist home page for your area and click "My Account."

Step 2

Enter your login information or click "Sign Up For an Account." To create an account, submit your email address and click the verification link Craigslist sends to the address. Submit the same email address you normally use with Craigslist so that you can renew or repost ads you've already listed.

Step 3

Click the "Renew" link next to any active ad on the account management page to repost it to the top of your listing category. The Renew link doesn't appear until at least 48 hours after you posted the ad. You can renew the ad every 48 hours until the ad expires. Renewing the ad does not extend the expiration date.

Click the "Repost" link next to any expired or deleted ad you want to repost. Craigslist allows you to edit the ad before publishing.


  • If you try to skirt the 48-hour renewal limit by deleting and then reposting an ad, Craigslist denies the repost and instead gives you the option of undeleting the ad.


  • Some companies sell software or services that automatically repost ads for you, but these companies are subject to the same posting limitations as other Craigslist users.


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