How to Find People Online on Skype

By Joshua Duvauchelle

You can connect with friends by using Skype.
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Skype is an online video, audio and text-messaging service. Skype is best known for allowing consumers to make telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection. Users can make phone calls to a landline or cellphone or call other Skype users through its built-in contact list. You can find people online on Skype to make the most of its phone and messaging services.

Step 1

Launch the Skype software by double-clicking its icon in your Applications folder on a Mac or by selecting it from the Start menu on a Windows PC. If you do not have Skype installed, you can download the software from the Skype website.

Step 2

Enter your Skype username and password on the Skype welcome screen if it does not automatically sign you in. Wait for the Skype program to connect with the Skype server over your Internet connection. The program will chime when it has successfully connected, and it will display all of the friends and people you have already found and added to your Skype contact list.

Step 3

Click "Contacts" in the top menu bar of the Skype software.

Step 4

Click "Add a Contact" from the drop-down menu. A dialog window will appear on the screen in which you can enter a name, phone number or email address of someone for whom you are searching.

Step 5

Click the name of an individual to view more information. If the individual is the person you were attempting to find online, click "Add Contact" to add her name to your Skype contact list. You can now make voice and video calls as well as send text messages to the individual.