What Is a PBX Trunk?

By Janine Logue

What Is a PBX Trunk?
i office phone image by Christian De Grandmaison from Fotolia.com

PBX refers to a Private Branch Exchange phone system. The system is common in many business environments where multiple phone lines are needed. PBX allows a company to use trunk lines, which are a group of phone lines that are managed by the PBX system.

Direct Inbound Dialing

Connecting a trunk line to a PBX system allows a company to assign a direct dial phone number to any extension on the phone system. With the direct phone number, an outside caller can dial directly in to a company phone without using an attendant and extension number.

Direct Outbound Dial

With a PBX trunk line, employees can dial out directly from any extension in the office without the use of an attendant to connect the call. Outbound calls are handled by the PBX system and do not stop inbound calls from connecting to the system.

Hunt Groups

A trunk line can be used in conjunction with a PBX phone system to establish a hunt group. With a hunt group, more than one phone can be assigned to ring if a given phone number is dialed by an outside caller.