PayPal Won't Let Me Send Money

By S.C. Palmer

PayPal lets you send money online.
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PayPal makes sending and receiving money online fast and easy. You can connect your PayPal account to your bank account or credit card in order to buy things online or send money to another person. Sometimes you may find that you have issues sending money. Usually there is a simple solution to this problem, such as one of your funding sources being overdrawn. If you are unsure why you can't send money, take a look at each of your funding sources to see which one is the problem.

Check your PayPal account status. If you have a limited account you can't send money. To find out why you have a limited account and how you can fix it, log into and click the "Resolution Center" link.

Check the status of your credit card. You may have exceeded your card's credit limits or your card might be expired. Contact your credit card company to make sure there are no issues.

Make sure your bank account has enough money in it. If you don't have enough money in your PayPal account to send to someone, PayPal will not take the money out of your bank account. Make sure your bank account is linked to your PayPal account and that your account is in good standing.

Contact PayPal support. If you see no problems with your account but still can't send money, call or email PayPal. They can help you figure out what's wrong and fix it for you.