How to Find Your PayPal Account

by Meaghan Ellis

PayPal has become the largest virtual, online ecommerce banking interface. PayPal is known as an online transference portal for financial interaction between buyers, sellers, employers and employees. Larger online companies, like eBay, use PayPal to furnish invoices and complete financial transactions. PayPal is extremely essential because it grants you instant, automated access to your account information, invoices, and receipts. It is also equip with extensive security breaches to ensure the privacy of your personal information. PayPal is a user-friendly tool that everyone qualifies to use. Accessing and locating your PayPal account is extremely easy to do with just a little navigational instruction.

How to Find Your PayPal Account

Step 1

Access the official PayPal website (see Resources). On the home page, you will see two data forms in the left region of page when it loads.

Step 2

Click on the "Email Address" and/or "Password" link to retrieve which portion of information you have replaced. You will be prompted to enter your name, zip code, phone contact, bank account information, if applicable, to retrieve the email address that is active for your login address. If you have misplaced your password, simply enter your email address and your password will be sent to that address.

Step 3

Open your email acount to retrieve your password. You will see an email in your inbox from PayPal's automated service. Click on the email and access the link that will be displayed in the email to reset your password. A PayPal popup window will appear and you will be prompted to enter a new password in the designated data forms that will be provided. Select the "Save" option to update your account information. You will then be redirected to the PayPal homepage.

Step 4

Enter your login information in the email address and paypal password data forms. Click on the yellow "Login" button to access your account portal. When the page loads, you will see two navigation menus. One menu will be horizontal and the other will be vertical.

Click on the "Edit Profile" link that can be found directly below the horizontal navigation menu. When this link loads, all of your internal account information and functionalities will be visible and accessible for review and alteration.


  • Please have your account information on hand when attempting to log in to the website. Do not guess. Opt to recover your username and/or password before guessing. You are only allowed a certain amount of attempts to enter the correct information. Due to the high level of personal security the site renders, your account will be locked after approximately three failed login attempts.


  • Keep your account login information on file for your records, to avoid misplacing it again. If you enter the wrong information multiple times, you will need to contact PayPal customer service to unlock your account.

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