How to Pay for an eBay Item Through a Different PayPal Account

By Alan Kirk

Sellers on eBay accept a variety of forms of payment for their auction items. One of the most common methods is accepting payment through a PayPal account. When you win an auction, the seller is not concerned with which PayPal account you use. He just wants to make sure he receives the payment. To use an account other than your primary PayPal account, all you need is the login information for that account, including a password.

Go to eBay by following the link in Resources. You can make payments via PayPal directly from eBay without typing the PayPal address into your browser.

In the toolbar, click "My eBay."

Log into your eBay account (if you are not already). Remember that this is done using your eBay account information, not your PayPal account information.

Look for the reminders of transactions for which you must leave feedback, followed by products you must still pay for. If you have won an auction, this is where you can choose to pay for your item. Select the "Pay Now" link.

Choose the option to pay via PayPal. This will take you to a page that asks you for your PayPal account name and password.

Log into PayPal from this page using the PayPal account you wish to use to make your payment. This does not have to be your primary PayPal account; it can actually be done from any account for which you have a username and password.

Confirm the price you are paying. Your payment will be sent to the seller. This will mark your purchase as paid for in your eBay account.