How to Pay an Ameren Utility Bill Online

By Ariana Cherry-Shearer

Pay an Ameren Utility Bill Online

For those who have Ameren utility accounts for their gas or electric bills, they make it easy for customers to pay their bills online. Automatic payments can be withdrawn from your checking account or credit card. This makes it more convienent and also saves you trips on paying your bills in person as well. The steps below will help Ameren customers pay their utility accounts online.

Retreive your Ameren utility bill. Have your checking account information or credit card available to enter your payment details.

Login to your account at Ameren's website or create an account by signing up with your account number and account information.

Choose which payment method you would like to use at Ameren. Ameren offers Direct Pay, Checkfree, and Speedpay. Direct pay is offered to those who wish to have their total amount due automatically withdrawn from their selected account each month. Checkfree allows customers to have payments withdrawn from their checking accounts electronically. Speedypay offers Ameren customers to pay their bills within 24 hours with a credit or debit card. Some fees may apply.

Follow the instructions provided for each type of payment method that is offered on Ameren's website. Click on which payment method you would like to use.

Make sure that all of your account information and details are correct. Record your withdraw in your checkbook, and make sure to note your payment on your Ameren statement. Print out your receipt to keep for your own personal records. Be sure to write down any confirmation numbers in case you need to contact customer service at a later date for any payment questions that you may have.