How to Paste a Face on a Body Online

By Madeleine Baber

Pasting a friend's face on a different body can provide entertainment that your friends can enjoy.
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Playing around with picture-editing software can provide hours of entertainment on a boring afternoon. Manipulating pictures to combine one person's body with another person's head has become a phenomenon on social networking sites, so much so that there are websites dedicated to streamlining the process. Doing it yourself is almost as easy, even without the purchase of expensive software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Open the picture from which you would like to extract the face in Microsoft Paint. Using the "Cut" tool at the top left-hand corner, carefully draw around the face. This may take several attempts, as it requires a steady hand. Once finished, right-click and select "Cut."

Open the picture to which you would like to apply the face in another window in Microsoft Paint. You can then move the face to where it looks natural on the body.

Select "File" and "Save As" to save your new creation. You can then upload it to an email or website.