How to Get Past a Windows Password

by Greyson Ferguson

There may come a time when you are using a Microsoft Windows computer and the login screen require a password. You may have either forgotten the password or you may not have set it up, but typically if you do not have the password you will not be granted access to the computer. There is a way to rest the password, however, allowing you to use the computer and change the password for future use.

Navigate to the NT Windows Password link provided in "Resources." This link will allow you to download a program that will unlock the computer (you will need to download the file on a different computer).

Scroll down to the "Downloads" section once you reach the website. Click on "" under the CD release section.

UnZip the information. If your computer currently does not have a software capable of extracting the information from the zip file, go to There you'll find a free trial version of their software you can download and use for free.

Open your CD burning software and select to create a data CD. Drag the contents of the unzipped file into the CD burner program and burn the disk.

Insert the disk into the computer you do not have the password to and restart the computer.

Press "F8" until a screen appears asking what you would like the computer to boot from. Select "CD."

Hit the "Enter" key three times (each with a new screen).

Press "1" when asked "Select which part of registry to load." You will be shown the list of users on the computer. From here select the user for whom you want to reset the password. Hit "1" again to clear the password.

Press "!" (exclamation) and hit "Enter."

Hit the "q" button to quit the menu. Hit "Y" to write files back. The program will state the edit has completed. Now remove the CD and restart the computer. The password will no longer be required to enter the computer.

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