How to Find a Password on D-Link

by Morgan Crouch

Discovering a lost D-Link router user ID and password is possible only through the process of remembering, however, all hope is not lost. Resetting your D-Link back to factory settings and issuing yourself a new password is an easy process. Once reset, you will be able to create a new password. Though a simple hard reset will allow you access to wireless connection and your router's configurations, you should also replace security settings such as passwords. Resetting your router and securing it go hand-in-hand.

Resetting your D-Link Router

Power on the D-Link router. Locate the small toothpick sized hole on the back of your D-Link router, usually found to the left of the power jack. This hole contains a small button.

Press down on the button using a toothpick (or an object of equal size). Hold the button down for roughly 10 seconds. Do not power off the router while you are resetting. When the WLAN light ceases blinking, your router has been reset.

Open up your web browser. Type "" into your address bar. This is the default internet protocol address for most home broadband routers, such as the D-Link router. This address will allow you access into your router's configurations.

Enter "admin" as the user ID and leave the password field blank when directed to log in.

Securing Your D-Link Router

Enter "" into your address bar. Log in to your router using "admin" as the user ID and leave the password field blank.

Click the "Tools" tab located at the top of the page. A page titled "Admin" will pop up.

Enter a new password for the administrator in the "Administrator Settings" tab located in the right section of the page. The default password under this tab is "New Password." Click "Confirm Password," and then click "Apply" located at the top of the page. The next time you log into your router, use your new password along with the "admin" user ID.


  • check Write down your updated router login information in a safe place so to avoid having to reset your router in the future.
  • check A small pen or paper clip can be used in place of a toothpick to reset your router.


  • close Failure to change the default password on your D-Link router poses a security risk to your network.

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