How to Get a Partnership With YouTube

by Cee Jay

Sharing videos on YouTube is a way for anyone with a camera to make a few bucks. A partnership means you will get paid for the videos you upload by earning money from the ads that play during the video. There are two ways to get paid through a YouTube partnership: through Google AdSense ads and YouTube ads. Because of this, your account will contain two separate earnings entries.

Create an account on YouTube, if you do not already have one. Use a real email address and read the Terms of Use that describe the consequences for uploading copyrighted material.

Use the "Upload" link on the main page and either upload a video you already have saved, or choose "Record from webcam" to create something new. They can not be larger than 2 GB in size, or more than 15 minutes long.

Continue creating and uploading videos daily, or whenever it is convenient for you. If any of your videos become popular and have many views, you will receive an email from YouTube inviting you to join their "Individual Video Program." This program allows you to earn from specific videos on your account, without impacting the remaining videos.

Apply to be in the "YouTube Partner Program." This partnership monetizes all videos on your account, making each one eligible for earning. YouTube evaluates your application, while your account is scrutinized to see if it meets the criteria. Your application will be rejected if you upload music, software, graphics or live performances without the owners explicit permission. If you have any of this content, remove it before applying, or wait to be invited into the Individual Program.

Enable revenue sharing for your videos once you are accepted into the program. For videos already on your account, look for a button beneath the video that says, "Enable Revenue Sharing." For new videos, there is a check box labeled "Submit this Video for Revenue Sharing."

Check your YouTube account for the partner earnings page to see how much you've earned. The money will post to your Adsense account within 30-60 days after each month has ended. Google will mail you a check, which can be deposited in your bank account.


  • close You will have to wait 2 months to re-apply if your application is rejected.

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