How to Find Partial Email Listings

By Terrance Karter

Find partial email listings to help figure out how to contact someone.
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Partial email listings are listings that are not complete. They might include just an email address, with no names or snail mail addresses. They also might include a name from an email account, without an actual email address. Partial email listings might be easier to find because they do not include a lot of information and thus are easier for search engines or email finders to locate. When you find partial email listings, you can use the information in these listings to find out more about the person.

Type a person's name into an email finder, like those listed in the resources. All email finders end up being partial email listings, because they will often have bits of information but not everything. For instance, you might find out a person's Hotmail email address and their first and last name, but not their phone number or real address. However, once you have found a partial list of information using the email finders, you can type that information into a search engine to find sites which divulge more information about the person.

Use a specific email program buddy or address finder to find specific email addresses within your own email group. For instance, you can use "find buddies" in your AOL email account, or "find friends" on MSN. Gmail also allows you to search for users using location, name, or address. Each of these programs allows you to get some partial email listings and other partial information. However, each of these programs only locates users who are using the same type of email, such as MSN or AOL or Gmail. You will need to search all of them if you are unsure as to the other person's program.

Type a person's name or title into a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. If other information, such as their address, email addresses, or websites, appears on the Web in correlation with their name, those results will show up in your search results box. You can then get partial email information from these searches.