What Is a PaperPort Image Printer?

By Allen Bethea

OCR software can extract text from PDF files as well and scanned documents.
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PaperPort Image Printer is part of the PaperPort software suite marketed by Nuance. PaperPort helps you to organize and manage documents you create on your PC, scan or download from the Web. PaperPort Image Printer helps you accomplish this by converting your documents into a single, standard file format.

Product Description

Technically, PaperPort Image Printer is not an application, but a printer driver. Instead of printing to paper, however, PaperPort Image Printer gives you the option of converting your document to the PDF, or Portable Document File, format. PaperPort Image Printer works with your word processor, spreadsheet, Web browser or any other application you use that can print documents.

Types of PDF Files Supported

PaperPort Image Printer can convert your documents into a normal, image or searchable PDF file. Normal PDFs are compressed, read-only files that contain text, images, fonts and instructions on how to print documents on paper or display them on the screen. PaperPort Image Printer's Image-only PDF option converts your entire document into a graphic image snapshot, and then packages it as a normal PDF file. If you have PaperPort's OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, software installed, PaperPort Image Printer can also convert your scanned documents into PDFs with embedded text that can be located using your PC's search utility or on the Web by Internet search engines.

Platform Support

PaperPort Image Printer is a PC-only printer driver that runs on desktop versions of Windows XP through Windows 8. As of publication, devices running Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 8 RT, Windows Surface RT or Windows Phone 8 are not supported.