Panasonic Projector Troubleshooting

By William Pullman

Panasonic projectors connect to external media devices, such as DVD players, VCRs or computers, and display the media on a larger screen. Most Panasonic projectors work without problems, but they may also malfunction on occasion. Before sending your machine out for costly repairs, troubleshoot the projector and attempt to fix it yourself.

No Power

When troubleshooting power problems with a Panasonic projector, first check that the AC adapter is connected to both the projector and a working power outlet. Make both connections secure. You may need to plug a separate device into the outlet to check if it is receiving power.

Next, check that the "Main Power" switch is in the "On" position. The projector has two power switches that must be turned on for the device to work. The "Main Power" switch must be turned on before the "Power" button is pressed.

Check that the projector cover is in place and secure. All parts of the cover need to be secure. Press down on the cover until it clicks.

Finally, check the temperature and lamp indication lights on the projector to see if they are lit. Make the necessary adjustments to the projector if they are on.

Temperature Indicator Light

The temperature indicator light may come on while the projector is working or when the projector is off and may be steady or blinking. When this occurs, the temperature inside or outside of the projector is higher than normal and needs to be reduced to prevent damage to the machine.

When the light comes on, first check the vents on the projector for obstructions. Move anything blocking the air vents or clean them if needed.

Next, check the temperature of the room. If the room temperature is abnormally high, above 104 degrees, reduce the temperature of the room or move the projector to a cooler location.

Finally, check if the air filter is clogged with dirt and debris and clean it if needed. To clean the filter, push up on the bottom of filter and pull it out of the projector. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and debris and reinsert the filter.

Lamp Indicator Light

The lamp indicator light lets you know when there are problems with the projector's lamp. The indicator light will either blink or remain steadily lit.

When the lamp indicator light is blinking, the "Main Power" button may have been switched on again before the projector had enough time to cool down. Allow the projector to cool for several minutes before trying to turn the projector on again. If the projector cools down and the indicator light still blinks, the lamp is likely damaged. Replace the lamp to resume normal function. If you replace the lamp and the light still does not work, contact a service technician for repairs.

If the lamp indicator light is steady, the lamp use counter has surpassed 1,800 hours. Replace the lamp to continue using the projector.