How to Pair a Wireless Mouse to a PC

By Dianne Christensen-Herman

A wireless mouse function like a regular mouse, but is free of cords.
i black and grey wireless mouse image by xenostorm from

A wireless mouse can free up space around your computer and is an option to using a computer's directional pad. Wireless mice function in a similar manner as wired mice, but operate without a cord. The only difference is that a wireless mouse has less DPI (dots per inch) and a lower frequency rate, which will only be noticed in advanced gaming. Most people will not notice the difference in a wireless mouse and find them convenient, other than when gaming.

Slide off the battery cover in the bottom of the mouse and push the batteries into your wireless device. Some mice are rechargeable. If yours is, place it in the docking station provided with the mouse to charge it.

Purchase a wireless adapter that is compatible with the type of mouse you own. Plug the adapter into the USB port on the computer and press the "Power" button to activate it. Within a few seconds of activating the adapter, push the pinhole on the bottom of the wireless mouse with a pencil or pen to activate it. Some receivers plug into the mouse port and come with an adapter. If your computer is equipped with wireless technology, you will not need an adapter and move on to the next step.

Install the driver software that was provided with the mouse. Reboot the computer so it will recognize the software.

Turn on the mouse and allow the computer to recognize the device. Some mice require software to run. Activate the mouse in the software that was provided with the device.