How to Pair a Samsung Phone With a Plantronics Earpiece

by Elijah Chau

If you want to talk on your Samsung phone while driving or doing another task, having a Bluetooth headset like a Plantronics earpiece is crucial. With a Plantronics earpiece, you will be able to talk hands free. Properly configuring your Bluetooth settings can seem imposing at first. With multiple menus and buttons to set, proper configuration may seem difficult. However, remembering a few simple options will quickly allow you to get the most from your Plantronics earpiece.

Step 1

Turn the Plantronics earpiece on. If you're pairing it to a phone for the first time, the main LED on the earpiece's chassis should flash. If not, hold down the primary control button until this happens.

Step 2

Turn your Samsung phone on.

Step 3

Open your Samsung phone's [Bluetooth](https://itstillworks.com/13579495/what-is-bluetooth) control panel and turn on Bluetooth connectivity. The exact location of this menu option will vary by model.

Step 4

Scroll through the list of detected Bluetooth devices.

Locate your Plantronics Bluetooth headset on this list. Select it and type in the default connection PIN to finish pairing both devices.


  • Plantronics produces a large catalog of headsets, so the exact number of buttons or LED color flashing combinations may vary.


  • Depending on your ear shape and earpiece style, it may be easy for the Plantronics earpiece to fall out of your ear. Make sure the earpiece is securely fastened before driving or doing any other high attention activity.

Items you will need

  • Samsung phone
  • Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece

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