How to Pair a Bluetooth With a Samsung Phone

by Jason Taetsch

The Bluetooth wireless interface allows two different pieces of technology to share data between one another. The technology is used in Bluetooth headsets to wirelessly connect to a phone. Adjust the Bluetooth settings on your Samsung phone to pair it with your Bluetooth headset or other device. Use a Bluetooth headset whenever talking on the phone while driving or performing another task that requires your attention.

Step 1

Turn on your [Bluetooth](https://itstillworks.com/13579495/what-is-bluetooth) headset or other device and put the device in pairing mode. Check with your owner's manual for the specific method for your device.

Step 2

Turn on your Samsung phone and open the "Settings" entry under the menu. Navigate to the "Wireless & Networks" entry and press "OK."

Step 3

Open the "Bluetooth" option and make sure it is turned on. Use the "Scan Devices" option to search for the Bluetooth device. Highlight the name of your device and press "OK" to begin pairing.

Enter the PIN or activation number for the Bluetooth device in your Samsung phone and press "OK." If you are unsure, try "0000" for Samsung Bluetooth headsets or leave the field blank. The indicator light on the Bluetooth device lights up to indicate the successful pairing.

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