How to Paint Cars Online

By Louise Balle

Paint cars using online tools.
i fire flame painted hotrod car speed fast image by alma_sacra from

Whether you're planning to buy a new car or thinking about a change of color for your existing car, it's helpful to create a model of what your car might look like before taking action. You can then compare various colors just as they might appear on the actual car. A few online tools allow you to paint model cars online---all you need is your web browser and a color printer if you'd like to keep a copy of the results.

Play with various car paint colors using Ramone's Painting game. Select a body style (such as convertible or truck) then add tires to complete the sample vehicle. You can then start filling in the car with color, including the paint, using a brush. Select a color from the menu along with your desired brush size and apply it to the car. You can also add special shapes, decals, and lines to the vehicle design as well.

Paint a car online using Dupont's Hot Hues tool. Load the tool in your browser and start by selecting a body style similar to your own. You can choose from a classic car to a standard modern sedan. Click one of the colors provided on the Hot Hues toolbar. You can also add a trim (accent) color and graphics (like a flame across the side).

Use the online car modification tool at Andy's Auto Sport website. In the "Wheels" section you can view a sample car to try out different types of wheels. You can also change the paint color of the car you're working on. The tool contains images of a variety of car models and styles. You need Java Virtual Machine installed on your system in order to use the tool.