How to Find the Owner of a Yahoo Email

By Faith McGee

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Oftentimes, you can lose a person's email either by deleting her email, losing her business card or forgetting her information. In addition, there may be an old friend or a business acquaintance that you would like to look up. Make sure that you have the right spelling of the person's name. If you have a contact with Yahoo email account, but do not know the person's real name, there are methods to find it.

Step 1

Go to the Yahoo directory page (see resources). Type in his first and last name into the email search. If there are no search results, try different spellings of his name.

Step 2

Click on the city and state where the person lives when the results pop up. They may not be listed in the Yahoo directory if nothing shows up for the person you are looking for.

Step 3

Visit a website that goes through public records to find people's email addresses and information. Intelius is a website that will find information about a person for a fee. You have the option to find one person, get a 24 hour pass or receive a full background report.

Step 4

Try social networking websites to locate the person. Facebook, My Space, Classmates and Friendster allow you to locate someone with an account to her website.

Step 5

Run a search through your own email to find the person. Many email hosting sites provide a search engine for your emails like and Type in his name or part of his name to see if you have an old email from the person.