How to Override Caller ID Block

by Andrew Smith
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You may have chosen to have your phone number's caller identification, or caller ID, blocked, prohibiting those receiving your calls from seeing your phone number. Certain businesses and homes will not accept phone calls from sources with caller ID blocked. You can enter a three-digit code that will temporarily override the caller ID block on your phone number, allowing you to place the call with your phone number being shown.

Step 1

Press the "*" button on the phone and the number "82." There should be no spaces between the two values (i.e., "*82").

Step 2

Enter the phone number you wish to dial directly after the "*82" (i.e., "*825555555555").

Press the "Send" or "Dial" button on the phone. The caller ID block on your number will be overridden and the person on the other end of the call will be able to see your phone number.


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