My Outlook Email Can't Print a Partial Memo Style

By Emily Ediger

Microsoft Outlook has built-in options to print the style you need.
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You can troubleshoot your partial memo printing problems in Microsoft Outlook by accessing the email printing options. Set the paper type and paper size in the memo styles print dialog box to the standard options to avoid printing errors. Use the built-in margin options instead to create a partial memo printing style.

Outlook Printing Options

Outlook allows you to set styles to print your email, calendar and contacts information in a particular format. Format options include font, text size, text color, background color and layout. Each category of Outlook contains additional formatting options. For example, you can choose to print your calendar as a single calendar date, a workweek or an entire month. You can customize some of the printing options from the Print dialog box.

Memo Style

The default printing style for Outlook is the memo style, which prints your email on a standard 8.5 inch-by-11 inch paper and uses the same font, formatting and layout as the viewing options. View all available printing styles by opening the email and clicking the "File" tab of the Ribbon at the top of the page. Click "Print" and view the style listings under the "Settings" area.

New Print Style

Outlook provides options to customize your email printing settings. Change the standard memo printing format by creating a new style. Open the email, click the "File" tab of the Ribbon and select "Print." Click "Print Options" to open the email-specific printing settings. Click "Define Styles" and select "Copy" to create a new email printing style. Type a descriptive name such as "Partial Memo" into the "Style Name" text box at the top of the page.

Partial Memo Settings

Define the "Partial Memo" style to print on a portion of the page by changing the margins. Click on the "Paper" tab of the style dialog box and change the bottom margin to the appropriate setting. For example, if you want your partial memo to take up half of the page, type the number 6 into the "Bottom" text box. Type the appropriate margin space into the bottom, top, left or right text boxes.