How Do I Get an Outlook Email Address?

by Carol Finch

If you want to get an Outlook email address, you must have a Microsoft account. It takes only a few minutes to set up, and you get an email address during the process. If you've used other Microsoft products in the past, such as Hotmail, Windows Phone, Xbox Live or OneDrive, you may not need to create a new account -- your login details should get you into In this scenario, you create a new Outlook email by adding it as an additional address, or alias.

Open an Account


Go to and select "Sign up now" on the login page. You must provide various data to open an account, including one which will create your Outlook email address.


Type your preferred email name into the "Username" field. If the name is already in use, choose another from the list of suggestions, or make up a different variation. When you find a free address, complete the rest of the form, including the CAPTCHA code at the bottom. You may need a couple of tries to nail the code. If you can't read the letters, select "New" to change them or "Audio" to hear the code.


Read the Microsoft services agreement, and privacy and cookies documents. Once you set up your account, Microsoft assumes you accept its terms, so you may want to check them out first. Select "Create account." Your account opens, and you can start using your new email address.

Adding an Outlook Email as an Alias


Go to and select "Sign in." Enter an existing Microsoft email address and its password, and click the "Sign in" button. Select your name on the top right of the screen and choose "Account Settings." Sign in again if prompted.


Select "Aliases" on the Account Settings page and then "Add alias." Make sure that the button is checked next to the "Create a new email address and add it as an alias" field. Type in the email address that you want to use and select "Add alias." If the email address you've chosen is already in use, try alternatives until you find one that works.


Check that your new email address is listed on the page that opens. If you want to make this your primary alias, select "Make primary" and choose "Yes" when prompted. Go back to and open a new email. Select the down arrow to see the addresses in your account. Your new alias should be available for selection -- keep in mind that your account may take a few minutes to update.


  • check You can add email addresses from Google, Yahoo and other IMAP providers as aliases in as long as you haven't already used them to open a Microsoft account.
  • check Aliases share the same password, so you can sign in to your account with any of them.


  • close If you add an email address from another provider to your account, you can use that address to send email as soon as you set it up. However, you won't see existing or new incoming emails until you import the account and set up forwarding.
  • close You can create only ten aliases in an account each year.
  • close Microsoft allows you to change your primary alias just twice a week.

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