How to Get Outlook Contacts on an iPhone

by David Weedmark
The young woman in glasses sits with the laptop and phone image by Sergey Sukhorukov from Fotolia.com

Contacts from Microsoft Outlook can be easily transferred onto an iPhone using Apple iTunes. This takes only a minute or two to set up, simply by selecting which contacts you want transferred to your iPhone. Once this has been done, Outlook and your iPhone will automatically synchronize updated contact information whenever you connect your computer to your iPhone. This requires Outlook 2007 (or Outlook 2010), and iTunes version 9.2 or later. The same process works for an iPod Touch as well.

Step 1

Make sure you have a recent version of iTunes (version 9.2 or later) on your computer. You can download the current version for free from Apple's website.

Step 2

Connect the iPhone to your computer by plugging the cable that came with your iPhone into a USB port. If your phone has an Apple Universal Dock, plug the dock into a USB port and put your phone into the dock.

Step 3

Wait for iTunes to open automatically as soon as your iPhone is connected to the computer.

Step 4

In the iTunes source list, locate your iPhone listed in the Devices section, then click on it.

Step 5

Click on the "Info" tab.

Step 6

Click on "Sync contacts from" located under Contacts.

Step 7

Click on "Outlook."

Step 8

Click on "All contacts" to synchronize all Outlook contacts to the iPhone. To export only some of your contacts to the iPhone, click "Selected Groups," and then click on the contact groups you want to export while holding down the "CTRL" key on your keyboard.

Step 9

Click "Apply."

Wait for the synchronization to complete before disconnecting your iPhone.

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