My Outlook Calendar Will Not Open

By Mary Jane

Reset your Outlook calendar so you can add important events.
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Microsoft Outlook is a calendar that comes as part of the Microsoft Office package. It is part of the business, home and student versions. The Outlook calendar is part of the Outlook email system that also operates through the Microsoft Office package. You can use the virtual calendar to keep track of events and contacts and have it remind you of your appointments. If the calendar does not open, it could mean that a file is missing or corrupted. To repair the calendar, you need to reset the folders and files.

Step 1

Close all of the Outlook programs, including the email account. If you are unsure if everything is closed properly, you can restart the computer as a default.

Step 2

Open the Windows menu by clicking on the menu button in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Choose the "Run" option.

Step 3

Write "outlook/cleanreminders" in the space provided under the Run option. Click "OK" to complete the cleaning of files.

Step 4

Repeat the "Run" selection, but type "outlook/resetfolders" instead to reset all of the folders in the Outlook program, so all of the files are set to standard or factory settings. Click "OK" to start the resetting.

Step 5

Turn your computer off when both procedures are completed. Turn your computer on again and open Outlook calendar. You can now start planning and scheduling your days.