How to Get the Outdoor Channel on Time Warner Cable

by Noah Kain
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The invention of cable television has provided television viewers with hundreds of channels that each provide a wide variety of content. The Outdoor Channel is a cable channel that focuses its programming on shows that cover hunting, fishing, shooting, off-roading and adventure topics. Though the Outdoor Channel comes standard in most cable packages, some people do not receive the Outdoor Channel. If you have a Time Warner Cable package and you do not receive the Outdoor Channel, you can learn how to in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Find out whether the Outdoor Channel is available in your area. Go to the Outdoor Channel's website (see Resources). Enter your zip code into the search box and then click on the double arrows. The website will search to see whether the Outdoor Channel is offered in your area.

Step 2

Sign up for the Outdoor Channel. If the Outdoor Channel zip code search shows that the Outdoor Channel is available in your area, call Time Warner Cable's customer service department (see Resources). Ask the representative why you do not receive the Outdoor Channel with your Time Warner Cable package. Most likely, you will need to upgrade your cable package to access the channel. Sometimes, though, there is a glitch in the programming that is keeping you from viewing the channel.

Petition for the Outdoor Channel. If the Outdoor Channel is not available in your area or if Time Warner Cable does not offer the Outdoor Channel in your area, start a petition to get the Outdoor Channel. If you can create a petition that shows enough interest in your area for the Outdoor Channel, both the Outdoor Channel and Time Warner Cable may evaluate the cost effectiveness of adding the channel to the area. Your petition will need three columns: one for a printed name, the second for an email and the third for a signature. Advertise your petition at community events, websites and to your neighbors and friends. Contact the company again, as you did in Step 2, to notify a representative of your petition. If you can prove with your petition that a majority of Time Warner Cable customers want the Outdoor Channel, you may be able to persuade the company to add the channel.


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