How to Find out if Your Verizon Cell Phone Has a Warranty

By Si Kingston

If you damage your cell phone, you may still qualify for a replacement.
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Most Verizon Wireless cell phones come with an automatic one-year warranty. Customers also have the option of adding extra warranty protection to their cell phone plans. This extra protection will cost an additional monthly fee and covers lost, stolen or damaged phones. If you are unsure of whether or not your handset is still covered under a manufacturer's warranty or extra warranty, you can look up this information or contact the appropriate representative about your phone's warranty options.

Step 1

Find warranty information in your handset sale's paperwork. Many manufacturers give consumers an automatic one-year warranty on their cell phones. The wireless provider should provide the warranty information is when you sign up for service or purchase the phone.

Step 2

Look for proof of warranty on your Verizon Wireless bill. Verizon Wireless offers extra warranty coverage for a monthly fee. This coverage is listed next to the service fee on your bill as "Extended Warranty," "Total Equipment Coverage" or "Asurion Wireless Phone Protection."

Step 3

Contact Verizon Wireless customer service. Submit your wireless account number and name to the representative. The representative will tell you if the device is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty or if you have an extended warranty plan.