How to Find Out if Someone Talks About You on Facebook

By Andrea Ruiz

Tags are a way for Facebook users to let you know they're talking about you.
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As a social network, Facebook has many features for including other users in your activities. One of the most powerful features for including others is the tag feature. When another user wants to talk about or include you in a post, photo, note or other piece of content on Facebook, they can tag your name by typing @[yourname] in their text. Because there's no one centralized location that lists all of your mentions on Facebook, you may have to look in several places to see where everyone may be talking about you.

Step 1

Check your notifications. Each time another user tags you in a note, photo or post, you'll receive an alert in your notifications, along with a link to the post, note or photo.

Step 2

Click "Photos" in the left menu and then click the "Photos of [YourName]" tab at the top. This displays any photos you were tagged in, either by others or by you. Click on any unfamiliar photos to see who tagged you and what they said.

Step 3

Search your timeline for any posts from others. When other Facebook users tag you in a post, the post appears on your timeline along with posts you've made.

Step 4

View the Notes you've been tagged in by typing "Notes" in the search bar at the top, then selecting the first option in the drop-down menu. Click the "Notes About [Your Name]" tab across the top to see all the notes in which you've been tagged by others.