How to Find out Your RoadRunner Email Password If You Forgot It

by Cynthia Measom

RoadRunner is a web portal that includes email service. You can't retrieve a lost RoadRunner password, but you can reset it in a few moments if necessary.

Step 1

Navigate to the page for RoadRunner Help and Member Services page (see Resources)

Step 2

Select your provider, city and state from the drop-down menus on the page and click "Apply." Your browser will redirect to the next page.

Step 3

Select "I don't know my Roadrunner email password." Wait to be redirected to the next page. Enter your RoadRunner email address and click "Submit."

Step 4

Enter your cable modem or 4G WiMax mobile device MAC identification number in the designated box. If you are unsure of where the identification number is located, click on either "How to Check Your Cable Modem ID" or "How to Check Your 4G Wimax Mobile Device MAC ID." Click "Submit."

Step 5

Choose a security question from the options on the drop-down menu. Type the answer in the designated box. Click "Submit."

Step 6

Write down the temporary password on the next screen. Go to your log in page for RoadRunner webmail (see Resources). Click on "Forgot Your Roadrunner Email Password?"

Select "I know my Road Runner email password and I want to change it." from the available options. Click "Change Password" on the next page. Enter your temporary password. Enter your new password twice in the designated boxes. Click "Submit." You can now log in with your new password.


  • Be careful when entering information into the online password retrieval forms. An error in information can cause your request to be denied.


  • The city that you live in may not be listed on the drop-down menu of listed cities referenced in Step 2. Select the city that services your account. If you are unsure, check your bill.
  • Always choose a password that you can remember, but is difficult for others to discover.

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