How to Find Out if You Have Been Poked on Facebook

By Aaron Parson

You can group your Facebook friends into categories.
i Tanya Constantine/Blend Images/Getty Images

Poking someone on Facebook lets that person know you're thinking of him. Receiving a poke may mean a friend wants to start a conversation, or it can be a simple "Hello." You can see who has poked you recently from your Facebook page or, if you enable notifications, directly in your email.

Seeing Pokes on Facebook

If you're on the Facebook website when you receive a poke, a notification will pop up in the corner of the screen as soon as you're poked. If you aren't on at the time, you can find pokes in the Notifications list by clicking the globe icon. You'll also see "Pokes" in your list of apps with the number of received pokes next to it. Click the app to see who poked you.

Poke Notifications

If you want to get an email every time you're poked, open your Facebook Account Settings and click "Notifications." Click "Edit" on the Email line and select "All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from." Press the "Turn On" link next to Pokes.