How to Find Out the Last 20 Phone Calls Made From My House

By April Khan

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If you’ve dialed an important number from your home phone and have now misplaced it, don’t fret—you can still retrieve your call. Finding out the numbers dialed from your home phone can be as simple as a call to your telephone company (see Step 1). However, if you are unable to call or simply don’t have the time, there are other ways to obtain this information.

Step 1

Call your phone company’s customer service department. Have your account details such as your name, address, account number, billing address, password or passcode and your phone number. This information will be required to access your account. Keep in mind however, that the last 20 numbers called may not be available for at least 24 hours with some phone companies.

Step 2

Go online. If you are not able to call you can register your phone online by going to your phone company’s website.

Step 3

Enter your login information. This may be your user name and password or your account number and password.

Step 4

Navigate to the page that stores your recent call list and search for the link that lists your outgoing calls. Click this list.

Step 5

Email your phone company. Include your account information in the body of your email. Make the subject line your account number and abbreviated query. Type the query in the body of the email along with a way to contact you such as “please reply by email” or “please reply by phone.” Keep in mind that due to data protection you may not be able to receive these phone numbers by email and they may call you with the numbers.