How to Find an IP Address Owner

By Tammy Clevenger

Find an IP Address Owner
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A domain name defines a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for a web page online. For example, "" is the domain name and the URL for the Microsoft home page. When a person or company registers a domain name, it is assigned to a static IP address.

Domain registrars maintain and publish records of domain name owners available to the public through the Whois database service. Though a few IP address search options are available, one easy-to-use and reliable option is the Network Solutions Whois Search, which is freely available.

Open a web browser and navigate to Network Solutions Whois Search or one of the other Whois search tools online (See Resources).

Click the radio button for the "IP Address" search option.

Type the IP address into the input box and click "Search."

The results page will list the owner of the IP address and associated domain name. The records also display contact information for the owner of the domain.