How to Find Out Who Others Are Following on Tumblr

By Andrea Ruiz

Look for the follow list on a blog you like.
i Nick White/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you first start out on Tumblr, you may sometimes find it challenging to discover blogs whose content you want to follow on your dashboard. If you have a trusted friend on the site, or someone runs a blog you hold in high regard, knowing which blogs she follows and enjoys may provide you with a good starting point for building your own Tumblr blogroll. Not every theme publicly displays a user's blogroll, however, and you may have to search a few places in the blog's layout to see if it's listed.

Step 1

Visit the Tumblr whose follow list you'd like to learn about. You do not have to be logged in to your own Tumblr account for this step.

Step 2

Locate the sidebar of the blog's layout, if it has one, and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Step 3

Look for a widget that displays rows of small thumbnail profile photos. Depending on the layout, this widget may be labeled "Following," "Blogroll" or something else. Hovering over each of the thumbnails displays a different Tumblr URL at the bottom of your browser. This is the list of the blogs this user is following on Tumblr.

Step 4

Check the footer of the blog if you don't see a list of followed blogs in the sidebar. Some layouts include this list in the footer instead of the sidebar.

Step 5

Click the link to the user's "Ask" box and ask the user privately for a list of followed blogs. You must be logged in to a Tumblr account to get a private response. If you ask anonymously, the only way the user can respond to your question is by answering in a public post.