How to Find Out Who Others Are Following on Tumblr

by Andrea Ruiz
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When you first start out on Tumblr, you may sometimes find it challenging to discover blogs whose content you want to follow on your dashboard. If you have a trusted friend on the site, or someone runs a blog you hold in high regard, knowing which blogs she follows and enjoys may provide you with a good starting point for building your own Tumblr blogroll. Not every theme publicly displays a user's blogroll, however, and you may have to search a few places in the blog's layout to see if it's listed.

Step 1

Visit the Tumblr whose follow list you'd like to learn about. You do not have to be logged in to your own Tumblr account for this step.

Step 2

Locate the sidebar of the blog's layout, if it has one, and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Step 3

Look for a widget that displays rows of small thumbnail profile photos. Depending on the layout, this widget may be labeled "Following," "Blogroll" or something else. Hovering over each of the thumbnails displays a different Tumblr URL at the bottom of your browser. This is the list of the blogs this user is following on Tumblr.

Step 4

Check the footer of the blog if you don't see a list of followed blogs in the sidebar. Some layouts include this list in the footer instead of the sidebar.

Click the link to the user's "Ask" box and ask the user privately for a list of followed blogs. You must be logged in to a Tumblr account to get a private response. If you ask anonymously, the only way the user can respond to your question is by answering in a public post.


  • Ensure that the list you're viewing is not a list of users following the blog. Most blogs distinguish between the two lists in the widget's subject header.
  • Some Tumblr users can be very protective of their privacy and the anonymity of who they follow, so ask politely and don't be surprised if the user declines to give you the list.


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