How to Find Out a Number That Was Blocked

by Shelley Smith
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Caller identification allows the user to see the phone number and name of the incoming caller before answering the call. In some cases, these calls are blocked or the user cannot see the name or phone number of the caller. Because some blocked calls are nuisance calls, users want to know the phone number of the blocked caller to determine whether or not to accept or reject the call.

Step 1

Identify the last incoming caller by activating your call return feature. Dial *69 to turn on this feature. In some stances, it reveals the complete phone number of the previous caller.

Step 2

Use an anonymous call rejection feature that requires all restricted, private, blocked and anonymous callers to reveal his or her phone number. This feature rejects these numbers and informs that caller that the user does not accept blocked numbers. Activate this feature by dialing *77 and deactivate it by dialing *87.

Step 3

Dial *57 to trace the last incoming call. This feature sends the traced number information to your phone company and the local authorities. It you want to know the number, you have to make a formal request to your phone company.

Step 4

Call you service provider and add a privacy director feature, which does require caller identification. This feature requires all private or blocked phone numbers to announce a name so that the user can accept or not accept the phone call. If the blocked caller does not articulate a name or company name, the call does not ring through.

Invest in a caller ID service that unmasks all blocked and restricted incoming phone calls, even for cell phones. These services normally charge a nominal monthly fee and reveal not only the phone number of the caller, but the address as well.


  • Verify the usage codes (*69, *57, *87) with your telephone service provider, because they might vary.


  • Once you get the blocked number, before calling the number, research the phone number because it might be a telemarketer and calling the number could place you back on the call list.


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