How Do I Find Out How Many People Visited My Site?

by Paul Higgins

Knowing how many people visit your site on a daily basis helps you evaluate your content and allows you to estimate how much revenue your site can potentially generate through ads or sales. While you can use a tool in your cPanel management interface to get a quick overview of your site's popularity, setting up Google Analytics gives you access to much more detailed data about your site's visitors.

CPanel's AWStats Tool

Understanding Visitor Statistics

When displaying the number of visitors a site received, tools such as AWStats typically show three distinct values:

  • The number of hits your site received. Each hit corresponds to someone loading one of your website's files, such as HTML pages, CSS style sheets or script files. For example, a single visitor loading a page containing five images would increase the number of hits by six -- one HTML file plus five image files.
  • The number of times someone accesses -- or visits -- your site.
  • How many unique visitors your site received. Unlike the total number of visits, the number of unique visitors does not increase when the same person visits your site multiple times.

Using AWStats

Log in to cPanel and click the AWStats icon under Logs.

Click the magnifying glass icon next to the domain of the website whose statistics you want to access.

The AWStats home page displays your site's monthly unique visitors, visits, hits and bandwidth, both as a graph and as a table.

AWStats graph and table.

Google Analytics

Setting Up and Using Google Analytics

To track visitors, Google Analytics relies on a code snippet that you must manually add to all of your Web pages. You can get the code snippet by logging in to Google Analytics using a standard Google account and adding a new property.

After inserting the code snippet, access your Google Analytics statistics by visiting your Google Analytics dashboard and clicking Reporting.

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