How to Find Out How Many MHz Your Computer Has

by Louise Balle
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A computer's megahertz (MHz) is a measure of how fast and efficiently the computer's processor can perform. In layman terms, it is one million cycles or revolutions per second. In most cases, the higher the MHz, the more work the computer can get done in a certain amount of time (though speed still varies depending on the computer processor). So MHz is a simple measure of speed. Keep in mind that while many computers will show MHz, some, more modern systems will show GHz (gigahertz)—one GHz is equivalent to 1000 MHz.

Step 1

Go to your desktop and find the "My Computer" icon (you can also find it under the "Start" Menu).

Step 2

Right-click the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties" from the options list.

Click the "General" tab on the "My Computer" dialog box. Look under the "Computer" section—you will see the name of the computer processor as well as the number of MHz for the processor. It may be listed in both MHz and GHz.


  • These instructions apply to Windows operating systems.


  • If your computer just shows GHz, just multiply the number by 1000 to get the MHz figure.
  • See Resources for a listing of both suggested and minimum requirements for personal computers.


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