How to Find Out When the Last Time Someone Logged Onto Their AOL Account

by Kevin Cavanagh
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AOL offers features that are good for family use. One feature that AOL offers is the ability to see the last time someone logged into their AOL account. Parents often use this feature to see when their kids are logging into their accounts. Parents can also set restrictions to what times they are allowed to log on.

Step 1

Open AOL, and log into your account by entering the password.

Step 2

Look for a tab at the top of the webpage that says "Sign Off," and click to open a list of options.

Step 3

Click the "Switch User" option, and select "Yes" when AOL asks you if you are sure if you want to log out.

Look at the list that will populate with all of the accounts registered on this computer. There will be a column on the right side titled "Last Log In" and will tell you the month, day, and time that the user logged in.


  • You cannot check the last log in status for an AOL member if that member is not registered to your account. You can check if another AOL member has received and read your e-mail by checking the "E-mail status" option in your "Sent Mail" folder.


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