How to Find Out What Kind of Router I Have

By William McCoy

You may not think about your router when you're surfing the Internet, but if you're connected to a network at home, the router is what enables you to use the Web. You can buy many different brands, styles and types of routers, but each performs essentially the same task. If you want to find out what kind of router you're using, you can inspect it and note several characteristics.

Find where the router is located so that you can inspect it. If you're connected to the Internet via a home network, the router will likely be attached to another computer in the house. Routers require a power source, so the router will be plugged into a wall jack. Unless you're using a wireless connection, the router will also be plugged into a cable or phone jack in the wall.

Note the router's brand name, which will be displayed prominently. Common brands of routers include D-Link and Linksys.

Note the router's product model number, which will be a combination of letters and numbers. If desired, note the serial number on the back or bottom of the device. The serial number is typically listed after the letters "S/N."

Check what cords are plugged into the router. If it's got a coaxial cable connected to it, this is an indication that you're using cable Internet. Other types of connection cables include phone lines and Ethernet cables. If there's no connection cable, you're using a wireless router.

Type the name and model of the router into an Internet search engine to learn more about the router you use. If desired, call or email the company to find out the specifics of your device.