How to Get Out of Draft Mode in Word 2007

By Pat Smith

Draft mode shows text with minimal formatting.
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Draft mode in Microsoft Word 2007 is a display option that shows just the text with little to no formatting. In earlier versions of Word this was called "Normal" mode and was encouraged because it helped old computers run faster. Now that word processing easier for most modern computers to handle, draft mode is used less often. It is simple to get in and out of draft mode in any kind of Microsoft Word document.

Open a document in Microsoft Word 2007. On the screen's top menu, select "View." You will see a drop-down list, and the top five options are various view options. Currently, "Draft" will have a check mark to its left.

Select "Page layout" In the drop-down View menu. This is the option that shows the edges of the page as well as full formatting.

Try other view options from the "View" menu to find one that best fits your writing and editing needs. Web shows the document as if it were a webpage. Outline has multiple bullet formats built in to make outlines quick and easy.