How to Find Out a Cell Phone Number's ID

By Joanne Cichetti

Find out a cell phone number's ID.
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Tracing a cell phone number’s ID is not very easy, given that cell phone numbers are not listed in phone books. There are several companies on the Internet that allow you to trace unlisted cell phone number owners. However, most of these companies charge you a small fee for the trace. Other than that, you can also try running a search on the Internet. You might just get lucky enough to find the information you are looking for.

Visit a website that allows reverse cell phone number lookup. As mentioned above, these are usually paid websites so be prepared to pay somewhere between $0.99 and $5, as of 2010. If the website’s database includes the entry, it will ask you for payment and will show you the name of the number owner, carrier, average income, average home value and other details.

Search for the cell phone number on a search engine. Use the format 555-555-5555. There is a chance that the person may have posted his cell phone number on a website, Internet advertisement, forum or blog. In that case, the search engine will show you the pages that contain the number. Subsequently, you can visit those pages and try to locate the person’s name.

Look for the person’s number on a social networking website. People often list their contact numbers on their profile pages and keep them accessible for the public. In that case, the person’s profile will be visible to you and you will be able to find out whose number it is.