How to Find Out Cell Phone Carrier Information

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Many cellular network providers offer free calls to users who call or receive calls from other cellular customers within the network. This is a plus if you have friends, family members or business associates who use the same provider as you do. However, knowing which cell phone company a person happens to use takes a bit of research, if you don't just want to ask the person directly. As long as you know the individual's cell phone number, you can obtain the name of the carrier.

Method 1

Step 1

Navigate to (in the Resources section) and click on the "More Searches" tab to reach the search feature for "Mobile Carrier Lookup."

Step 2

Select your cell phone carrier from the drop-down list provided, and type in the number or numbers that you wish to look up.

Click "Find" and you will be directed to a results page that will tell you whether the number is in your network. You will even be shown what network is connected to the number or numbers you entered.

Method 2

Step 1

Visit, located in the Resources section.

Step 2

Find the search box labeled "Free Approximate Location Map," located under the heading "Phone Number Search."

Enter the 10-digit phone number in the box and click "Search." You will be directed to a page that will give you the carrier name as well as the city, state and zip code from where the number originates.


  • If a person has engaged in local number portability, which means they kept their original cell phone number when they switched to a new cell phone provider, then the carrier listed in the records will most likely not be accurate. It will probably be their original carrier.


  • You can also visit the website of your specific carrier to see if they have an option where you can enter numbers to see if they are in the same network. Some providers will require you to sign into your account to verify this information.


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