How to Find Out Who Called Your Cell Phone

by Lena Freund
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Not all cell phones possess the same capabilities. Smart phones, for example, can do much more than basic cell phones that are used only for calling and texting. Even if your cell phone does not connect to the Internet or allow you to send email, it will possess a directory of dialed, received and missed calls. The missed calls function allows you to check who called your phone after you miss a call.

Step 1

Find the function that says "Menu" on your cell phone screen. This function is usually on the bottom of the screen, in the center.

Step 2

Click on the button below the word "Menu." This button is on the top center of the keyboard and it often is marked with "Ok" or "Enter." This will open the menu options of your phone.

Step 3

Scroll down or across the screen using your phone's arrow keys until you land on the "Recent Calls" portion of the menu.

Scroll down to the "Missed Calls" option under "Recent Calls." Click on it to open the list of calls that you missed. This list will always provide you with the phone number of the caller, as well as the time of the call. If the caller is in your contacts list, the caller's name will also appear.


  • When you receive or miss a call, and the caller ID says "Restricted Number" or "Blocked Number" you are unlikely to be able to retrieve the caller's name. Some individuals and many government agencies often block their phone numbers so that they cannot be identified easily. Some people choose to have their phone numbers unlisted. If this is the case, you are unlikely to be able to trace a person by his phone number.


  • If you are trying to retrieve the names of people whose calls you took, open the "Received Calls" menu instead of the "Missed Calls" menu and you will see a list of callers' phone numbers, along with the date, time and duration of the call. If the caller is in your contacts list, the caller's name will also appear. If you don't recognize the caller's phone number, you may be able to guess at his or her identity by the area code of the call. If you don't know the area code, you can use Verizon's area code lookup to find out where the call came from. If that doesn't help, the White Pages provide a reverse phone lookup function, where you can enter a phone number to attempt to find out who called.


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