How to Find out My Balance on Page Plus

By Blaze Johnson

Page Plus is a prepaid wireless cellular phone company that offers voice and data services within the United States. Page Plus specializes in pay-as-you-go cell phone services, unlimited "Talk n Text" plans and several other subscription services that do not require customer credit checks or contracts. Frequently checking the account balance for your Page Plus prepaid cellular service will allow you to make an informed choice with regard to usage and account replenishment. Page Plus offers different ways for you to quickly check your account balance.

Step 1

Turn on your Page Plus mobile phone and dial "#737" using the keypad. The screen on your mobile phone will display your current account balance.

Step 2

Dial 800-550-2436 to contact the Page Plus customer service hotline from any phone. Listen to the menu options and press "2" in order to retrieve your account balance.

Step 3

Navigate to the Page Plus Website and log in to the user account page link, located on the top right portion of the Web page menu bar. After logging in to your account, locate the remaining usage balance found on the accounts page. Click on the "Register Here" link below the login fields to setup your online account, if needed (see Resources).