How to Find an OSSEC Authentication Key

by Joshua Laud

The OSSEC is an open-source intrusion detection system that works across most computer platforms. It protects multiple levels of computer intrusion, providing consistent logging and alert response. Once you have set up OSSEC on your computer systems network, security agents will be set up. These have authentication keys to prevent unwanted access. If you need to find your authentication keys, extract them using the "manage_agents" command. Manage_agents is a command-based function.

Open the OSSEC administration server window -- this will automatically be running on your computer.

Type in the terminal window: "manage_agents -l" and press "Enter." This will list the available agents.

Type "manage_agents -e NAME". Replace "NAME" with the name of the agent for which you want to find the authentication key. This will extract the keys for that agent and show them in the Terminal window.


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