How to Organize Your Life on an iPhone

by Kay Ireland
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Using your iPhone on a daily basis can revolutionize the way you look at everything from setting appointments to paying the bills and managing your address book. Gone are the days where keeping your life organized involved calendars, planners and little black books. The iPhone allows you to store applications and information that streamlines your daily life. By understanding which applications can help you stay organized, you can become more efficient, whether you use your iPhone for work or personal purposes.

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Track appointments and important dates using your iPhone calendar. Touch the "Calendar" icon, and then tap the date on which you have an appointment. Touch the "Add" button and enter your appointment details. You can even set the calendar to remind you of an appointment. Once you set an appointment, a dot will appear on that date to denote that there's an event planned for that date. You can also see a list version of all of your appointments by touching "List."

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Tap the "Notes" application to keep track of things you need to do or remember. The Notes application allows you to quickly see and type notes to yourself to stay organized. Touch the "Add Note" icon to start a new note and use the keyboard to type in your items, list-style. Then touch "Done" to see and select from all of the available notes. You can keep track of everything from your shopping list to things you need to do during the day.

Step 3

Tap the "Contacts" application to enter all contact information for a given acquaintance, from phone number to email address, home phone and Web address. You can even add custom fields. When you've entered the correct contact information, it's easy to pull up a contact alphabetically and get in touch in myriad ways. Keep a meticulous contact list to organize your contact information.

Step 4

Touch "Settings" and then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" to add your various email inboxes to your "Mail" app. From the Mail interface you can touch "Add Account" and enter the address and password from your various accounts and set how often your iPhone should check for new mail. By having all of your email inboxes in one place, you won't need to surf from Web address to Web address to check your mail. Any time you receive an email with a date or appointment detailed in the body, your iPhone gives you to option to tap the date and time to place it automatically in your calendar.

Tap the "App Store" icon and tap "Categories" and "Productivity" to search for organizational applications in the App Store. You'll find apps to help you stay organized, from Evernote to help you keep track of notes, pictures and thoughts, to JotNot, which allows you to scan receipts and documents to email or fax. Touch "Search" and type in what you need organized, from shopping lists to birthday charts, to find a bevy of apps available for download.


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